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Pope Francis meets the Genoa water polo team Pope Francis meets the Genoa water polo team  (Vatican Media)

Pope extols teamwork, amateur spirit in remarks to Genoa water polo team

Pope Francis met with a water polo team from Genoa on Friday, encouraging them to work as a team and maintain an amateur spirit

By Vatican News staff reporter

Pope Francis with Genoa’s Sporting Club Quinto water polo team on Friday in the Sala Clementina at the Vatican.

In brief remarks to the athletes, the Holy Father highlighted two important attitudes in sport: the spirit of the team, and the amateur spirit.

Teamwork and an amateur spirit

“Always work as a team,” the Pope said, because “if there is no team, there is no sport.” He warned about those who want “to go it alone,” who ultimately achieve nothing, or who damage the team by being concerned only with their own image.

He encouraged them, too, to “never lose the amateur spirit,” insisting, “True sport is amateur.”


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12 March 2021, 13:32