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Pope Francis during his weekly General Audience Pope Francis during his weekly General Audience  (Vatican Media)

Pope Francis' General Audience: English summary

Pope Francis holds his weekly General Audience via live streaming from the Vatican Library continuing his catechesis on the Beatitudes.

Dear Brothers and Sisters: In our continuing catechesis on the Beatitudes, we now turn to the sixth Beatitude, which promises that the pure of heart will see God.  To see God means having a personal relationship with him.  This requires looking deep within our hearts and making space for him; as Saint Augustine put it: “You were more inward to me than my most inward part” (Confessions, III, 6, 11).  Yet often our hearts are slow and foolish, like those of the disciples on the road to Emmaus, who at first failed to recognize Jesus by their side.  To see God, then, requires a process of purification, whereby our hearts are freed from the sin which blinds us to his presence.  This entails renouncing evil and allowing the Holy Spirit to instruct and guide us. A further aspect to seeing God is recognizing him in creation, in the Church’s sacraments, and in our brothers and sisters, especially the poorest and most in need.  If we let God purify our hearts he will lead us ultimately to the beatific vision where we will enjoy the fullness of joy and peace in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I cordially greet the faithful, in particular, those groups who planned to be present today. I thank you and encourage you to always live our faith enthusiastically and not to lose hope in Jesus, even in difficult moments. 

Finally, i greet the young, the sick, the elderly, newlyweds. May this last part of Lent which we are living favor a proper preparation for the celebration of Easter, leading each person to a more felt closeness to Christ. May God bless you!

01 April 2020, 09:50