Commander Domenico Giani (R) with Pope Francis Commander Domenico Giani (R) with Pope Francis 

Pope Francis accepts resignation of head of Vatican Gendarmerie

Domenico Giani, the Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie, tendered his resignation on Monday, which Pope Francis accepted, calling his gesture “an expression of freedom and institutional sensitivity.”

By Vatican News

The Holy See Press Office released a statement on Monday detailing the reasons for Domenico Giani’s resignation, which relate to a leaked document he signed in his capacity as the Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie.

Several media outlets published the confidential order “concerning the consequences of certain administrative limitations imposed upon Holy See staff members” on October 2nd.

The statement calls its publication “prejudicial to the dignity of the people involved and to the image of the Gendarmerie.”

‘Love for the Church’

“Although the Commander bears no personal responsibility in the unfolding of the events,” the statement reads, “Domenico Giani has tendered his resignation to the Holy Father out of love for the Church and faithfulness to Peter’s Successor.”

His resignation, it continues, is meant to assure “the proper serenity to the ongoing investigation”.

The document was reserved to gendarmes and to members of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, and the person who leaked it “remains unknown”.

‘Expression of freedom’

Pope Francis accepted Commander Giani’s resignation on Monday, and spoke with him at length.

The Pope expressed his appreciation for the gesture, which the statement calls “an expression of freedom and institutional sensitivity, which honors Commander Giani and the work he has carried out with humility and discretion in the service of the Petrine Ministry and the Holy See.”

“Pope Francis also recalled Domenico Giani’s twenty years of unquestionable fidelity and loyalty and underlined how, by offering an outstanding witness in many parts of the world, Commander Giani was able to establish and guarantee a lasting atmosphere of ease and security around the Holy Father,” the statement reads.

The Holy Father also thanked Commander Giani for his “extreme competence” and for “the undisputed professionalism he has brought to the Vatican Gendarmerie”.

14 October 2019, 15:49