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Pope Francis visits the help centre "Casa Matteo 25" in Maputo Pope Francis visits the help centre "Casa Matteo 25" in Maputo  (@Vatican Media)

Pope Francis greets street children in Maputo

Pope Francis visits the "Casa Matteo 25", a Church-run institution which offers help to the poor.

The project aims at offering support to those who are poorest and most needy. It was named after the message in Chapter 25 of Matthew’s Gospel (in Italian ‘Matteo’), which recounts when Jesus was fed when he was hungry, and given to drink when he was thirsty.

Inspired by these words, the Casa Matteo (Matthew’s Home) feeds between 70 and 120 people daily. These include the homeless, both children and adults, as well as the ill, those who have been in prison, and those who are addicted to drugs. Different Congregations take part in the preparations, and so the amount of food for distribution varies from day to day.

The children who go to the Casa Matteo 25 for food regroup even before the serving begins. Along with the nuns who volunteer there, they make the sign of the cross and follow a short Catechesis on the Word of God.

After washing their hands, the children are invited to eat.

Pope Francis' private visit to the Home, including a visit to the chapel, where a commemorative plaque has been placed.

05 September 2019, 18:04