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2019.07.05 Sinodo Chiesa greco cattolica ucraina Pope Francis prays with leaders of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC), during their meeting at the Vatican  (Vatican Media)

Statement on Pope Francis' meeting with leaders of the UGCC

The Holy See Press Office has released the following statement on the two-day meeting of Pope Francis and his collaboraters in the Roman Curia with the leadership of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church

Press Release


By the Holy See Press Office

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, on 5-6 July 2019, presided at an encounter with the Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, together with the Metropolitans and the members of the Permanent Synod, as well as the heads of the relevant Dicasteries of the Roman Curia.

With this initiative, the Holy Father desired to convey his closeness to this sui iuris Eastern Catholic Church. Together with his collaborators, Pope Francis has shown his appreciation for the history of this Church; its spiritual, liturgical, theological and canonical traditions; and its fidelity to communion with the Successor of Peter, confirmed and sealed with the blood of the martyrs.

The reflection was carried out with mutual listening, and was accompanied by prayer, seeking the conditions necessary for the development and flourishing of this Church in the modern world.

Particular attention was paid to pastoral work, evangelization, ecumenism, and the specific vocation of the Greek-Catholic Church in the context of the modern challenges of the socio-political situation, in particular the war and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, as well as its service in the various countries of the world.

It is hoped that this methodology of sharing might continue, in order to promote the harmonious development of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, as well as the other Eastern Catholic Churches, in their identity and mission. 

08 July 2019, 12:37