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Pope Francis arrives for the Wednesday General Audience Pope Francis arrives for the Wednesday General Audience  (Vatican Media)

Pope Francis' General Audience: English summary

Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the Lord's prayer during the weekly General Audience, saying the prayer invites us to be audacious in calling God "Father". The official English-language summary is below:

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Today we conclude our catechesis on the “Our Father”. Jesus has revealed to us that Christian prayer begins with the audacity to call God “Father”.  Indeed, each of the expressions that our Lord himself uses in prayer brings to mind the text of the “Our Father”.  Throughout the New Testament, moreover, it is clear that the first principle of every prayer is the Holy Spirit, who breathes into the hearts of the disciples.  Herein lies the mystery of Christian prayer: that by grace we are drawn into the Holy Trinity’s dialogue of love.  On the cross Jesus cries out: “My God, my God”, and we see here the fulcrum of his relationship with the Father.  This also reflects the heart of our own trust and prayer.  At the end of this catechesis, let us repeat this prayer of Jesus: “I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and of earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to little children”.

22 May 2019, 09:56