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Memory of Pope Francis’ visit to Myanmar and Bangladesh

It was on 26 Nov., 2017, that Pope Francis flew from Rome on his apostolic journey to Myanmar and Bangladesh as a messenger of ‘Peace’. The theme of the Pope’s Myanmar visit was ‘Love and Peace’ and that of Bangladesh - ‘Harmony and Peace’.

Pope Francis was in Myanmar from Nov 27-30 and then in Bangladesh from Nov 30-Dec 2.  The purpose of the Holy Father’s visit to these two Asian nations, with 1.2% of Catholics in Myanmar and 1 percent in Bangladesh, was to confirm the faith of the Catholic communities and to carry Christ’s message of reconciliation, forgiveness, peace and harmony among the people for the common good.  His visit also encouraged ecumenical and interfaith cooperation in order to be a prophetic and healing presence in the life of the nation. 


26 November 2018, 11:09