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Pope meets with engaged and newly married couples

The first pastoral portion of Pope Francis' 24th Apostolic Journey happened on Saturday afternoon with a visit to Dublin's St Mary's Pro-Cathedral where he met with about 400 engaged and newly married couples.

Pope Francis met with about 400 engaged and newly married couples from all of Irelands 26 dioceses.

He spent some quiet moments in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament where a candle has been lit since 2010 in memory of all the victims of institutional and clerical abuse in the Church.

He then listened to the greeting of a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary of marriage, and received 2 questions – one each from an engaged couple and a newly married couple.

Then he responded to each of them in prepared remarks from which he diverted a few times, adding some advice as well as some personal stories.

25 August 2018, 15:31