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Pope appoints new bishop in Quilon, India

On April 18, the Pope appointed Fr. Paul Antony Mullassery the new Bishop of Quilon, in Kerala state.

Pope Francis on Wednesday appointed a new bishop in southern India’s Kerala state.  Fr. Paul Antony Mullassery, the Vicar of Quilon Diocese is its new bishop.  The 58-year old priest  takes over from Stanley Roman, who has stepped down having reached the canonical retirement age of 75 in 2016. 

Born on January 15, 196o in Kaithakody, in the Diocese of Quilon,  Fr. Mullassery studied at  Quilon’s St. Raphael’s Minor Seminary, at the Trinity Lyceum and did his philosophy and theology at St. Joseph's Pontifical Seminary, Aluva.   He was ordained priest on December 22, 1984 for the clergy of the Diocese of Quilon.  He has a doctorate in Canon Law from the Pontifical Urban University,  Rome.   

After ordination, Fr. Mullassery was entrusted with the following responsibilities:

1985-1986:    Assistant parish priest of St. Michael's Church, Kumbalam

1986-1987:    Parish priest of Three Kings' Church, Vadakkumthala

1987-1988:    Parish priest of St. Joseph's Church, Padappakara

1988-1990:    Joint director of Catechesis and Bible Apostolate and Prefect of the Minor Seminary of St. Raphael, Quilon

1990-1994:    Studied for doctorate Canon Law in Rome

1995-2002:    Parish priest of Infant Jesus Cathedral, Quilon

Since 1995:    Judge of the Diocesan Tribunal

1997-2006:    Chancellor of the Diocese

2002-2004:    Parish priest of Holy Cross Church, Tangasseri

2004-2006:    Rector of St. Raphael's Seminary, Quilon

2006-2010:    Pro-Vicar General, Quilon

2006-2012:    Episcopal Vicar for pastoral care.

2013-2017:    Judicial Vicar, Quilon

2014-2017:    Spiritual director of  St. Raphael’s Seminary, Quilon

Since 2017:    Vicar General of Quilon Diocese

19 April 2018, 10:40