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Missionary initiative connects Swiss and Guinean children

The Pontifical Mission Societies is running a year-long program to help children in Switzerland show solidarity with their counterparts in the West African nation of Guinea.

By Devin Watkins

“Children helping Children”: That’s the name of a campaign which is connecting Catholic families in Switzerland with those in Guinea in a sign of solidarity.

“At this particular time, the already-precarious conditions of the world’s children are being put to the test due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So, now more than ever, solidarity must be shown in their regard.”

The Swiss arm of the Pontifical Mission Societies is responsible for promoting the initiative.

Poverty in Guinea, also known as Guinea Conakry, “forces many parents to leave their families to find work elsewhere,” according to the website of Missio Switzerland. “As a result, many children are left alone and end up with their extended families or in orphanages.”

Three Ps initiative

Children in Switzerland and around the world, therefore, are urged to support their brothers and sisters in the West African nation through a program focused on three P’s.

“Pray in union with all children; Share (partager in French) funds collected through sales for charity; Participate in virtual initiatives available on the Missio website.”

Awareness and aid

Besides raising awareness about those in need among the younger generations, the “Children helping Children” initiative will also contribute concretely to several projects in Guinea.

These include an orphanage in Gouécké run by nuns of the Servants of Mary Mother and Virgin congregation.

The Saint Kisito orphanage cares for 50 children up to the age of seven whose mothers have died while giving birth.

The children’s families often fear the stigma associated with the event, and end up abandoning the newborn baby.

Direction in life

Another project financed by the Missio campaign is a school and dormitory for girls in Samoé.

Some 100 young girls receive full care, lodging, and schooling from the sisters who run the institution.

They are even guided along the paths of life through spiritual and psychological care, in order to find meaning in life.

The Missio Switzerland initiative also goes under the theme: “Walking with Guinea: ‘I have written you on the palms of my hands’”, and runs through the end of 2021.

14 November 2020, 13:07