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Italian families stay indoors due to Coronavirus outbreak Italian families stay indoors due to Coronavirus outbreak 

Italian Bishops Conference donates ten million Euro to Caritas Italy

The major donation, is aimed at supporting the diocesan Caritas in their work to support people in difficulty due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

By Vatican News

The Italian Bishops Conference said in a statement the 10 million Euro donation will be distributed to the 220 diocesan Caritas throughout Italy.

The donation will be used to identify the most urgent needs, giving priority to forms of economic support for families already in situations of hardship. This includes the purchase of basic necessities for families and people in difficulty, support for lonely elderly and frail people, and the maintenance of services for people in situations of extreme poverty, such as canteens with take-away services or sheltered dormitories.

The director of Caritas Italy, Fr Francesco Soddu said, "this extraordinary donation from the Italian Episcopal Conference (IEC) is a concrete sign of hope and comfort for the diocesan Caritas (network). In this way, the local Churches will be able to continue the strong dynamism of charity".

Caritas Italy is also renewing its call for solidarity by inviting everyone to support the initiatives and work of the dioceses and local Caritas that are aiding people in difficulty and in increasingly precarious conditions.


14 March 2020, 08:18