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European Bishops: may Brexit be seen as an opportunity

The Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the EU (COMECE) release a statement in light of Britain’s Exit from the European Union.

By Francesca Merlo

The statement on Brexit released by COMECE reads that “as defender of freedom of expression and democracy, the Catholic Church in Europe respects the will expressed by the British citizens during the 2016 referendum”.

The United Kingdom officially left the European Union late on Friday night.

The Bishops write that they “welcome the Brexit Deal recently achieved between the UK and the EU” explaining that "it can be seen as a victory of common sense and good neighbourly relations”.

A No-Deal scenario, continues the statement, “would have had negative effects on both the United Kingdom and the European Union, but, overall, it would have been harmful for the most vulnerable people”.

Though “it might be a long and challenging process,” say the BIshops, it could also be “an opportunity to trigger new dynamics between European peoples and rebuild a sense of community in Europe”, reads the statement.

Finally, the Bishops assure that although Britain is no longer a member of the EU, “it will continue being part of Europe”, and that the Bishops’ Conference of the United Kingdom will remain an “integral part of the Church in Europe”. 

02 February 2020, 11:41