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Pope Francis during his visit to St Louis Hospital Pope Francis during his visit to St Louis Hospital  (AFP or licensors)

Volunteers and staff on the Pope’s hospital visit

For the staff and volunteers at the St Louis Hospital in Bangkok, the Pope’s visit is an opportunity to spread the Good News of Christ with love and compassion

Listening to Pope Francis give his speech at the St. Louis Hospital on Thursday were staff and volunteers who help tend to the needs of patients in their care.

Rose Ann Paras from the Philippines, is a volunteer at the hospital who gives of her time visiting the sick. She calls in on patients once a week and says that the experience for her has been life changing.

She tells Marie Duhamel of Vatican News, “You feel like you’re giving them hope”.  Rose adds, that patients who are ill can feel very lonely, but “I feel that each time you come (to the hospital), I think we give a little hope”.  The time spent with the patients is very precious for them, but also for the volunteers, she says.

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The hospital’s Director, Fr Surachai Chumsriphran, tells Marie Duhamel that the visit of the Pope to the hospital means so much to everyone there.  “It can strengthen our mission”, he adds, and it will stay with us in our hearts.”

That mission, which mirrors the Pontificate of Pope Francis, makes sure the poor receive medical care.

There is a foundation that takes care of the needy that come through the hospital’s doors. “We have a free clinic for the poor; we try to do many things for these people and that means it comes from our heart, he says”

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22 November 2019, 12:00