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Venezuelan migrants heading to Peru walk along the Panamerican highway Venezuelan migrants heading to Peru walk along the Panamerican highway  (AFP or licensors)

Venezuela bishops: this lent we are crossing the desert of our lives

A Lenten message released by the Secretary General of Venezuela’s Bishop’s Conference describes the deep crisis afflicting the nation as a biblical “desert”.

By Linda Bordoni

The Bishops of Venezuela have released a Lenten message in which they describe the difficult time the nation is living as “a desert” from which they will emerge transformed.

“Lent represents for us, the Venezuelan people, who are living a difficult time, a moment in which we must cross the desert of our lives” the message reads.

Released by Bishop José Trinidad Fernandez, Secretary General of the Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference, the 2019 Lenten message says the people of Venezuela are like the Israelites who journeyed through the desert when they fled Egypt, to be liberated by God.   

Leaving slavery and misery behind

“Lent” bishop Fernandez concludes, “is a time to come out of slavery and misery, to meet with Him as the people of God, a faithful people capable of transformation that shares in the gifts that Christ grants, because by living in justice and peace, we build a better world”.

07 March 2019, 13:00