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2019.01.22 Pellegrini australiani in Panama, Gmg Panama 2019 2019.01.22 Pellegrini australiani in Panama, Gmg Panama 2019 

Abp Comensoli: WYD a wonderful opportunity for youth

Australian Archbishop Peter Comensoli speaks with Seán Patrick Lovett about why World Youth Days are so important for young people.

By Vatican News

Even if young people might not realize precisely what they are looking for, at World Youth Day “Jesus comes to our young people, and our young people come to Jesus,” said Archbishop Peter Comensoli of Melbourne, Australia.

“In grace, God has brought them together, and once they’re together, the Lord knows what to with them.” He said World Youth Days “are a powerful and wonderful opportunity for our young people to get into the flow of grace.”

Archbishop Comensoli was talking with Seán Patrick Lovett in Panama ahead of the opening of World Youth Day 2019.

Memories of World Youth Day in Sydney

Just over ten years ago, in July 2008, Sydney, Australia, was the host of the 23rd WYD. Asked about his memories of that event, Archbishop Comensoli said “Sydney was a wonderful event... A little over ten years on for Australia, and the fruits of 2008 continue to flow in Australia.”

He highlighted youth ministry in the country, and the building up of youth discipleship, as “wonderful” examples of those fruits.

Listen to the interview with Abp Peter Comensoli
23 January 2019, 12:30