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Pope Francis meets with the Association Missione Shahbaz Bhatti Pope Francis meets with the Association Missione Shahbaz Bhatti  (ANSA)

Paul Bhatti: Shahbaz would be happy people share his mission

Paul Bhatti, the brother of assassinated Christian politician Shahbaz Bhatti speaks about the current situation for minority religions in Pakistan and the association set up in his brother’s name.

By Lydia O’Kane

Since his brother’s assassination 7 years ago, Paul Bhatti has been continuing the work that Shahbaz devoted his life to, supporting those persecuted for their faith. Following and audience with Pope Francis with members of the Association Missione Shahbaz Bhatti in the Vatican on Friday, Paul reflected on the meeting saying, “I was touched by his (the Pope's) words when he said that he supports that mission and especially to us, he would like to send a message of love and support to all Christians in Pakistan who are persecuted and suffering in the name of their faith.”

Situation for Religious Minorities in Pakistan

Paul Bhatti explained that the situation in the country is complex because, in parts of Pakistan, there are those who are prepared to kill and live with an ideology which has nothing to do with religion and often this ideology is used against Christians and other non-Muslim communities in Pakistan. He went on to say, “I think after the sentence of Asia Bibi, there’s not only good news of her freedom or liberation from the case where she was involved, but there is a great message from the judiciary of Pakistan and from the government of Pakistan, that they want a moderate Pakistan and they want a Pakistan where everyone can live without fear and all the religious minorities should be protected and supported.”

Legacy of Shahbaz Bhatti

Asked what he thought his brother Shahbaz would think about the work that is continuing in his name with this association, Paul Bhatti said, that his brother dedicated his whole life to supporting those who were persecuted because of their faith, adding, “I think he would be very happy that people share his ideology.”

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01 December 2018, 13:09