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JRS - World Refugee Day highlights 'crisis of solidarity'

Fr. Aloysious Mowe, International Director for Advocacy and Communications at Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), says World Refugee Day is a time to reflect on the world's response to the "crisis of solidarity" regarding refugees.

"World Refugee Day, this year, reminds of the record number of refugees in the world today and of the need for greater solidarity, especially in the global north."

Jesuit Fr. Aloysious Mowe of Jesuit Refugee Service made the comment in a video interview with Vatican News.

Pope Francis, he said, has called the current situation "a crisis of solidarity", more than a refugee crisis.

He said the Pope has invited people around the world to respond to the crisis by "welcoming refugees, protecting them, promoting their needs and their causes, and integrating them into our communities."

These, Fr. Aloysious said, are "concrete ways to live the Gospel today."

20 June 2018, 16:13