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Peruvian Bishops statement regarding the resignation of the President

On Thursday, the Bishops of Peru released a statement regarding the resignation of the President of Peru.

By Sr Bernadette Mary Reis, fsp

In their statement, the Bishops of Peru recall that it has only been two months since the country was celebrating Pope Francis' visit.

Now they are confronting a political crisis which the Bishops state is the "result of systemic corruption caused by the divorce between ethics and politics."

A change of command is not enough to resolve the problem, but an ethical and moral recovery at every level because the corruption is robbing the Peruvian people of hope.

The Peruvian Bishops also declare that every component of the Peruvian State has the constitutional responsibility of governing. The Bishops hope that whoever will assume leadership will "promote and receive support from every facet of society so that the country will progress towards adopting a pact of governability."

They also call on Peruvian citizens who assume political roles to do so as servants of their country, and not for personal interest. By serving the common good before any and all personal interests, "the country can recuperate the ethical and moral values that are inherently Peruvian."

In conclusion, quoting Pope Francis' discourse to Peru's civil authorities in January, the Bishops of Peru say that they want to "walk with every citizen in participating vigilantly in the process of promoting life and the democratic institutions of the country, and thus 'forge a Peru that makes room for people of "all bloods", a land and in which the "the promise of Peruvian life" can be achieved.' "

23 March 2018, 12:34