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Extreme weather including snow and freezing temperatures hits Europe Extreme weather including snow and freezing temperatures hits Europe  (ANSA)

Extreme weather: Abp of Armagh, support the vulnerable

The Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, Eamon Martin is calling on people to support those who are vulnerable during the extreme weather that is set to worsen across the country in the coming days.

The Archbishop says that  “the weather forecast for the coming days is expected to be exceptionally cold and to include a significant snowfall. 

This bad weather will affect and frighten many people across our country.  Some will be afraid because they are alone, elderly, suffer from underlying medical conditions while others will be cold and hungry.  They may too proud to admit their vulnerability.”

Archbishop Martin goes on to say that “parishes are at their strongest when they support their weakest.  “There is in each of us a Good Samaritan. The natural disposition of the human heart is to love. 

At this challenging time, the Primate is asking all able people of goodwill to:

-        be alert – in person or by telephone - to the needs of vulnerable neighbour, old and young

-        check if they have enough food, fuel supplies and adequate clothing

-        assist in clearing pathways to homes, and offer transport for essential journeys

-        use, as appropriate, the online reporting system provided by the Peter McVerry Trust to support rough sleepers on our streets:

-        donate warm cloths to charity shops

28 February 2018, 11:04