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Pope Francis waving to crowds at his general audience Pope Francis waving to crowds at his general audience 

Vatican Weekend Feature Program for 13 January 2018

Listen to our half-hour programes that includes an interview with a leading anti-death penalty activist and Catholic convert who talks about how his views changed dramatically after he had to supervise executions at a U.S. prison plus we find out about a special Church-sponsored program that helps couples whose marriage is heading for the rocks.


By Susy Hodges

Vatican Weekend for January 13th 2018 features an inspirational story about how a former supervisor of executions at a US jail changed his views dramatically as a result of that experience and became a Catholic plus we have testimony from a husband and wife whose marriage was saved thanks to a special Church-sponsored program to help couples in crisis.

Vatican Weekend Program for 13 January 2018
12 January 2018, 14:37