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Myanmar: Catholic Church transforms Magyikwin Village through Education

Sr. Genevieve Khin Mu of the Good Shepherd Congregation speaks to Philippa Hitchen of the gradual transformation observed in Magyikwin Village of Myanmar.

Pope Francis is in Myanmar on a three day Apostolic journey.  Myanmar which was formerly known as Burma has suffered over half a century of oppressive military rule until the election in 2015. Pope Francis’ visit there to a multi-religious country where  the Catholics are  around 450,000, approximately 1% of the total population is to give a message of peace in person. The country is divided into sixteen dioceses including three archdioceses.

Philippa Hitchen who is in Myanmar to report on the Pope’s visit there spoke to Sr. Genevieve Khin Mu of the Good Shepherd Congregation.  Sister Genevieve who has been in the Congregation for almost thirty years spoke to Philippa of the gradual transformation she has observed in the village.  Speaking of the Church and the Convent building she said they were once small and old but now they have new and bigger buildings. 

The people she said have realized the importance of education and most now are graduated.  They are no more hand-to-mouth people as they used to be before but by strengthening themselves through educational they have learnt to save. 

She also spoke of the cordial relationship that exists between the Catholics, Baptists and the Buddhists in the Magyikwin Village.   

Interview with Sr. Genevieve

The Good Shepherd Sisters are in Myanmar from 1865 with a short break from 1967 to 1973.  They established a community  in Magyikwin village, Bago Division  in 1976 to take care of  village development programs and pastoral work. Their current ministries are  Education,  Vocational, Skills and Leadership training for women and girls at risk of being trafficked, Healthcare, Programmes for single mothers, Prison ministry and pastoral work.

The Good Shepherd Sisters network with NGOs, GOs, FBOs (Faith Based Organizations) especially Buddhist monks and Church and Religious Social Services Organizations in order to reach out more effectively to people in need.

27 November 2017, 16:49