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Bishop Denis Isizoh (centre) Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha in Nigeria Bishop Denis Isizoh (centre) Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha in Nigeria 

Challenging times bring out professional commitment in us

Episcopal Chair of the Social Communications Directorate of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), Bishop Denis Isizoh has said that challenging times bring out the proficiency of the practice of journalism.

Catholic News Service Nigeria – Uyo, Nigeria

The Bishop Chair made the remarks while addressing Nigeria’s first 2020 plenary meeting of the Diocesan/Religious Directors of Communications Association, held recently at the Bishop James Moynagh Pastoral Centre, Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State. The plenary gathering under the theme: ‘That You May tell your children and grandchildren (Exodus 10:2)’ was attended by members of the association from all the nine Ecclesiastical Provinces in the country.

Media professionals must always double-check their facts

Bishop Isizoh, who is the Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha Archdiocese, noted that news coverage in Nigeria is worrisome due to the lack of proper coverage and authentication of facts.

“In the present situation, some of our journalists hide away and do not go to their work; and from their hiding place publish gossip, rumour and falsehoods." He emphasised that journalists should inform and form the people.

Catholic media professionals need to go out into the field

The Bishop Chair said that reaching out with the Good News of Christ, through the communications apostolate, is not an armchair kind of work. Catholic media professionals, the Bishop insisted, need to take up the challenge and go out into the field to find out for themselves the truth.

The Bishop further urged Catholic media directors gathered to come out with far-reaching resolutions that would help the Church in Nigeria and Africa contribute proactively to the fight against the coronavirus.

10 April 2020, 09:44