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South Sudan refugees in Kenya display their cultural heritage. Bishop Kussala calls on the govt to ensure the return of all exiles South Sudan refugees in Kenya display their cultural heritage. Bishop Kussala calls on the govt to ensure the return of all exiles 

Bishop Kussala urges S. Sudan to stay the course of peace

South Sudan’s Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala has urged his country to stay the course of peace, particularly after the establishment of the Transitional Government of National Unity.

Sr. Jecinter Antoinette Okoth, FSSA – Nairobi, Kenya

“Jesus’ first words to his Apostles after his resurrection were ‘Peace be with you’. This is the message which should take root in our nation which is thirsty for peace more than ever,” the Bishop of Tombura-Yambio Diocese said.

S.Sudan needs a full government to fight COVID-19

Barani Kussala acknowledged the progress made by the South Sudanese government in appointing national ministers. He described the incomplete formation of the government delaying the country’s advancement.

 “I appreciate the formation of the presidency and appointment of the national ministers. However, the incomplete formation of the government has halted progress and left people in suspense. Everything seems to be at a standstill,” he said.    

COVID-19 is the bigger enemy

“Coupled with this is the fact that, just as we were combining efforts to put in place a government of national unity, the pandemic of coronavirus came up,” the Bishop said. He added, “We have now at hand a bigger enemy which threatens us all. That being the case, we cannot afford any further hostilities,” he emphasised.

Let us embrace the ideals of independence

The Bishop reminded his compatriots of the independence ideals they set for themselves.

“During years of struggle for independence and political freedoms, the country crafted a noble goal, namely the justice, liberty and prosperity for South Sudan.” The prelate continued, “Let us all work towards making this ideal a reality for every South Sudanese, for we have no other country but South Sudan where we ought to live and achieve the full potential of human aspirations…We all must learn to live as brothers, sisters and friends because that is what we are,” he said.

Govt should expedite the return of exiles

Barani Kussala further outlined recommendations which would be helpful to the leadership in entrenching peace in the country.

“I recommend speedy dialogue to find solutions to the remaining issues so as to give South Sudan and its citizenry true peace so that so many of our compatriots held up in suffering and exile enjoy the ideals for which our nation exists.” Barani Kussala also encouraged those in government leadership “to make painful compromises to complete the formation of government in view of promoting the common good of all.”

The international community should help S. Sudan with COVID-19

The Bishop also appreciated the contribution of the international community towards peace in South Sudan. He prayed that the international community would assist South Sudan to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

20 April 2020, 16:25