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Bishop Oballa to priests: Exercise servant leadership

The Bishop of Ngong, John Oballa Owaa, has challenged priests to be at the service of the poor, the needy and marginalised and refrain from intentionally associating with the rich and powerful for financial gain.

Kenya National Communication Network News Team - Nairobi, Kenya

Associate more with the lowly

In his homily during recent celebrations to mark the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker at Ngong Cathedral on 1 May, Bishop Oballa called on members of the clergy to bear lasting fruits of service and love to all in their midst.

“You are chosen to serve and relate to all, especially to associate with the lowly whose hearts truly yearn for God,” said Bishop Oballa.

 During the celebration, Bishop Oballa ordained four priests and three deacons. He called on the newly ordained to freely commit to a life of celibate chastity, a vow they had taken publicly for all to hear. In addition, he urged them to bear lasting fruits of service and love to all in their midst.

Bear lasting fruits of service

“Today, dear sons and brothers, you are the chosen ones of God as deacons and priests for a special mission among your brothers and sisters, the baptised,” said Bishop Oballa. “God wants you to bear lasting fruits of service and love as Jesus Himself does. To love with a love that is obedient to the Father, a redeeming love that forgives and sets free. It is a call to love with a sacrificial love by giving up something for the good of others. Live your life in simplicity and poverty and the Lord Himself will enrich you,” the Bishop said.

He urged the new priests and deacons to let the words they pronounced during the ordination guide their lives.

“Believe what you read, teach what you believe and put into practice what you teach,” he said. “Besides, follow the Lord with joyful and hearty obedience.”

 Those ordained into the order of priesthood were Frs. John Mutuku, Justin Kimeu, Paul Odhiambo and Moses Munge. Those ordained as deacons were David Mulongo, Anthony Njoroge and Vincent Okoth.

04 May 2019, 11:57