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Archbishop José Manuel Imbamba, of Saurimo in Angola. Archbishop José Manuel Imbamba, of Saurimo in Angola. 

Angola: Traditional sects and healers worry Archbishop José Imbamba

The Vice-President of the Episcopal Conference of Angola and São Tomé (CEAST) has reiterated his concern that certain "religious sects" and "Kimbandas" (traditional healers) in Angola exploit and are fueling false hopes by promising to cure all diseases including HIV/AIDS.

Anastácio Sasembele - Luanda, Angola

The Archbishop of Saurimo, in the capital of the Lunda Sul province, José Manuel Imbamba, has urged Angolan authorities to urgently take adequate and effective measures to thwart the spread of HIV/AIDS by increasing public awareness of the pandemic.

False promises of cures for HIV / AIDS

The Archbishop has said part of this awareness must be the condemnation of the behaviour of some "religious sects" and "Kimbandas" (traditional healers) who make false promises of being "empowered" to cure HIV / AIDS with only water, oil, or by word of prophecy.

Action to combat the pandemic should also be accompanied by increased free distribution of drugs and awareness of the causes, prevention methods and effects of HIV / AIDS, especially in schools, military units and centres of higher population concentration, says the Archbishop.

27 April 2019, 13:19